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Got baby on board and already way too excited to capture every tiny moment? Going to a baby shower and have no clue what to get? Looking for a gift that's cute and adorable, but also necessary and functional?


In this age of technology, it has become so easy to document every little living moment of our lives for memories sake (but really, for social media purposes), and these cute baby vests make it so easy (in a totally adorable way) for parents to capture the growth of their little ones month by month. Plus let’s face it; they will definitely need all the vests they can get!


You have the option of purchasing the vests individually or as a whole set.


Please note a luxury gift box is included when purchasing the full set of 12 vests. 




These are 100% cotton vests



If you’d like different sizes for the months, please contact me prior to making your purchase. 


Each set comprises of: 


1 month -   0-3m

2 months - 0-3m

3 months - 0-3m

4 months - 3-6m

5 months - 3-6m

6 months - 3-6m

7 months - 6-9m

8 months - 6-9m

9 months - 6-9m

10 months -9-12m

11 months - 9-12m

12 months - 9-12m


Perfect way to celebrate and capture your baby's first year.

Black Bow Tie Milestone Vest Set | Customised Baby Gift

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